PRODIGY is a strategic collaboration between PETRONAS and Petroleum Arrangement (PA) Contractors and is an industry-driven effort contributing to the expansion of manpower resources pool. This collaboration is the first of its kind.

It is not easy to be part of the upstream Oil and Gas industry, at least in the eyes of the general public. Perceptions that the Oil and Gas industry only takes in experienced people, those who meet the high entry requirements, and sponsored students in universities can be dispelled by enrolling in this program. Yes!!! Everybody deserves a chance to be part of this interesting and challenging program and we invite the young graduates to seize upon the opportunity offered.

Once selected for this program, candidates will have a competitive advantage over the regular graduates.

The fact that the program is designed by the industry and implemented with extensive exposure to the industry will make the 16-month period of the training which consists of on-the-job training, soft skills training as well as coaching and assessment sessions worthwhile and invaluable.

So, why PRODIGY? Because we want you to be part of this interesting industry - an industry that offers room for you to grow, not just as potential leaders or technical professionals but also to face the exciting and challenging future ahead. And to know that while doing all these, you are actually contributing much to the nation.

So, why wait? Why not send in your CV to us? You may just be the person that we are looking for, and without PRODIGY, you may not even realize it.