PRODIGY Programme Receives First Batch of Participants

Registration with the first batch of PRODIGY participants

Registration with the first batch of PRODIGY participants

The Programme for the Development of Ingenious Young Talents (PRODIGY) achieved another milestone when the first batch of 26 participants from all over Malaysia arrived and registered at INSTEP, Batu Rakit, Terengganu on 20 July 2014.

The onboarding program started on 21 July 2014 with an engagement session with INSTEP’s top management and also a representative from Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM). Both of INSTEP’s General Managers, Encik Azmee Osman and Encik Amri Alias, welcomed the participants and shared on the roles and responsibilities of INSTEP, as well as the role as the Programme Manager of PRODIGY. They also emphasized the Programme Manager’s expectations from programme kick-off until the participant’s graduation.

Puan Dalia Ahmad, the representative from MPM, shared on the Petroleum Arrangement Contractors’ (PAC) and MPM’s expectation for the participants. Her speech also emphasized MPM’s role in managing and steering the overall domestic exploration and production activities in Malaysia, the intent of PRODIGY and what MPM together with the exploration and production industry is trying to achieve through this initiative.

This prestigious program will begin with classroom training at INSTEP for a duration of between 2 to 6 months depending on the participants’ respective disciplines. Upon completion, participants will be sent for field assignments at various locations such as offshore producing platforms, fabrication yards, drilling rigs and the Operator’s office, just to name a few.
Prior to the first intake of participants at INSTEP, ULTIMA (Upstream Long Term Integrated Manpower Assurance), an initiative which was mooted based on the need to manage talent mobility within the E&P industry in Malaysia, had been endorsed by the PETRONAS Management Committee (MC) on 16 January 2014.

MPM officially launched ULTIMA on 27 February 2014. This event marked a significant achievement for the collaboration among industry players – PETRONAS, MPM and PA Contractors – after one and a half years of hard work. This grand event was co-officiated by Encik Ramlan Abdul Malek, former Vice President of MPM and Puan Raiha Azni Abdul Rahman, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. The ceremony was witnessed by the Country Heads and representatives from PACs and Service Contractors (SCs) as well as PETRONAS, TalentCorp, PETRONAS Upstream and MPM Heads.

At the launch for Ultima

At the launch for Ultima

As one of the initiatives under ULTIMA, PRODIGY aims to develop competent and work-ready engineers in exploration and production with a specific focus on critical skills such as Drilling, Petroleum Engineering, Process & Operations and Project Management. Suitable candidates for PRODIGY include fresh graduates and engineers from other industries who want to reskill themselves. Graduates from PRODIGY are expected to be able to perform their work with minimum supervision once they are deployed to their sponsors.

PRODIGY differs from other graduate training programmes because the current employee of the company can now focus on more value added coaching activities. This industry collaboration has also ensured that the syllabus is designed based on collective industry knowledge. On-the-job training can be done at any of the PACs’ sites regardless of who the participant’s sponsor is, providing wider exposure to the different sites. On top of this, PRODIGY is being monitored by a steering committee for quality control purposes.

PRODIGY complements the recruitment programmes currently in place for individual PACs and PETRONAS, with no intention to replace the existing recruitment exercise. The intent of PRODIGY is to contribute to increasing the employment rate amongst Malaysian graduates and to reduce dependence on expatriates. We aim to be able to export our local talents abroad in the near future.

INSTEP has been appointed as the Programme Manager to manage and run PRODIGY. INSTEP is accountable from the advertisement of the program to the selection and interviewing process, the training program, assessments until the graduation of participants of this program. INSTEP has been selected as the Programme Manager based on their capability and capacities to run this program since the Program is expected to take in around 200 candidates per intake (2 intakes per year) by year 2020. With vast experience in upstream training, a good track records and the ability to realize the idea, concept and vision of PRODIGY, it is envisioned that through strong collaboration between INSTEP as the Programme Manager, PETRONAS, PACs and Service Contractors, PRODIGY will be a role model to other industries in developing local talent and ensuring a continuous pipeline of well-qualified manpower.

Published on 25/8/2014