Petroleum Engineering

A petroleum engineer is involved in nearly all stages of oil and gas field evaluation, development and production. The aim is to maximize hydrocarbon recovery at minimum cost while maintaining a strong emphasis on reducing environmental impact.

Position description:

  • Work closely with seniors in all aspects of Petroleum Engineering to meet short, medium and long term production and reservoir management goals.
  • Monitor day-to-day gas, condensate and water production to ensure production target is met.
  • Interface with Offshore Production section regarding monthly well test program and daily monitoring.
  • Monitor well performance to ensure optimized gas production according to sand-free and production strategy.
  • Prepare long term production forecast for yearly production target.
  • Plan and Supervise well intervention campaign, well integrity program and sampling executed by 3rd parties.
  • Plan and prepare the procedure for each upcoming work in order to ensure the work is properly done.
  • Prepare technical and management report to internal and external parties.
  • Taking up a role in the onshore emergency response team to support the offshore emergency response team.
  • Build up and run well model (nodal analysis) to evaluate gas production optimization.
  • Update production database for production allocation and monthly production reporting
  • Support procurement section in contract establishment and tendering process.