Program for the Development of Ingenious Young Talent (PRODIGY) is an industry-driven effort and a strategic collaboration between PETRONAS and Petroleum Arrangement (PA) Contractors.

PRODIGY ultimately aims at churning as many competent and work-ready engineers in Exploration and Exploration (E&P) with specific focus on critical skills i.e. Drilling, Petroleum Engineering, Process and Operations and Project Management, with the supply coming from fresh graduates and re-skilling of engineers from other industries. This industry collaboration has enabled the syllabus to be designed based on industry best knowledge, compressing the program for capable young graduates with emphasis on on-the-job training. The products from this program are expected to require less supervision once deployed to their sponsors.

PRODIGY is intended to:-

  • Increase awareness for graduates to consider O&G as career of choice.
  • Attract the good ones to join the O&G industry.
  • Tap the vast pool of unemployed graduates and develop them into industry ready talent while addressing the slow expansion in local talent.


Through PRODIGY, it is expected that:

  • There will be more choices for fresh graduates to consider
  • The employment rate among Malaysian graduates will intensify
  • Enhance graduates’ capability and competency for improved marketability
  • Develop, attract and retain talents via collaboration with Operators and Service Contractors
  • The market will have more than sufficient work-ready talents
  • PRODIGY apprentices can be considered industry-ready hires